DX Antenna


Business Overview

Transforming into an information transmission systems company for a new age.

Broadcast-related equipment

Making broadcasting more pleasant and more beautiful.

As a manufacturer specializing in broadcast reception-related equipment, we have developed a wide range of products critical for receiving digital broadcasts. These include antennas, boosters, splitters, and distributors.
We continue to take on challenges in new areas as a manufacturer specializing in television broadcast reception equipment, building on our significant experience in advanced transmission technologies. This includes rapidly adopting and supporting new broadcasting services such as new 4K and 8K satellite broadcasting.

Telecommunication-related equipment

Toward a new age in which broadcasting and telecommunication merge.

We are working to create new telecommunications business segments for customers by combining the information and communication systems we have heretofore developed with network-related equipment and IoT technologies that are unique to DX Antenna.

Security-related equipment

Delivering safety and comfort to everyday life.

We deploy various security products and system solutions that help create safe and comfortable environments for people and society as a whole.
From our high-definition “Hi-Vision digital monitoring system” and other security cameras to “LED sensor lights” whose illumination helps support everyday life, we support the everyday lives of people with our unique technologies.

Disaster prevention-related equipment

Delivering services that help contribute to people's lives and society as a whole.

We are working to develop new products and expand our business in order to realize ideas that utilize broadcast waves possessed by companies in addition to disaster prevention and welfare proposals made to local governments.

Construction research, design, and management/Customer support

Providing support with reliability and peace of mind.

We provide services that take customer perspectives into consideration through sales networks across Japan for diversifying broadcasting, telecommunications, and security. In addition to reception system design, these services range from research and construction management to customer support services through our “Dサポ!(D sapo!)” support portal as well as system renovation proposals.