DX Antenna

up until now and from now on, we will keep bringing you new excitements. 2K4K8K Multi Series

Message from the president

Since its establishment in 1953, as a dedicated broadcasting equipment manufacturer, DX Antenna has developed the products meeting the needs of the times and fulfilled its contribution to the society.

In 2017, we became a member of ELECOM group and took the next forward step. By merging our advanced broadcasting technologies, which we have acquired for more than 60 years, with abundant product lines and communication technologies ELECOM group possess, we, as an information( = broadcasting plus communications) transmission system company , have become a one-stop solution provider responding to customers’ demands and problems.

Becoming “a bridge” links people with innovations, and proposing solutions to make everyone's lifestyle more comfortable with wisdom and speed; providing a new lifestyle through various fields;
This is our Elecom group's mission : “LIFESTYLE INNOVATION”.

From now, as a member of ELECOM group, taking aim at further business expansion into new areas, we are committed to challenge new business areas more actively than ever and to become a company capable of keeping up with the change of the times without delay.

Representative Director, President
Teruhiko Nagashiro