DX Antenna

Our Work Towards the Environment

At DX Antenna, we are proactively working on product manufacturing that is eco-friendly in order to preserve and co-exist with our global environment.

In November 1999, DX Antenna became one of the first in the industry to obtain an International Environment Standard ISO14001. All employees have high awareness towards the environment through environmental education, and reflect it in their daily work, starting from small matters such as electricity saving and trash segregation. In addition, we have recently introduced “environmental objectives” to “provide environment-friendly products through product design assessment from the product development and design stage,” and to “sequentially eliminate materials and/or substances that need to be avoided from new products and existing products.” We also have implemented “environmental targets” to “disallow any banned material and/or substance from new products,” and to “sequentially eliminate materials and/or substances that need to be avoided by applying green procurement rules.” Through these measures, we have proactively regulated hazardous chemical substances in the development and manufacturing of products for the domestic and overseas market.

Recently, companies' attitudes towards restricted usage of hazardous substances are being questioned. Based particularly on the RoHS Directive approved by the European Parliament, DX Antenna has promoted the abolition of the 6 regulated substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and specific brominated flame retardants (PBB and PBDE)) and has secured RoHS compliance for each model.

Furthermore, to express our corporate attitude with a proactive approach towards environment-friendly product manufacturing that conserves and coexists with the environment, our company has used a unique “ECO-mark” since June 2008 for product lines that have passed the company standards.

DX Antenna will continue to perform product assessment from the design stage of product development, and provide environment-friendly and safe products that use recycled materials for resource and energy conservation. We will do our best to incorporate effective resource utilization, as well as waste minimization and recycling in each manufacturing process. In the course of product life from production, to sale, distribution, usage and disposal, we will continue to uphold our company slogan “to become environment and people friendly,” and to fully commit to manufacturing environment-friendly products.

We are promoting product manufacturing that is friendly to the environment.


We are promoting product manufacturing that is friendly to the environment. The “ECO-mark” is displayed on our products that have cleared our high standards. We are also carrying out activities to abolish the use of substances that negatively affect the environment.

ECO Mark Standard(required)
  1. Implementation of product assessment related to the environment
  2. No use of specific brominated flame retardants that will become a source of dioxins at the time of incineration
  3. No use of shock absorbing materials made with resin such as foamed styrol
  4. No use of ozone-depleting substances in products and production process
  5. No use of the 6 substances prohibited by the RoHS Directive
  6. Procurement of materials based on green procurement rules
ECO Mark Standard(optional)
  1. Over 15% electric power savings compared to year 2005
RoHS Directive
RoHS is an abbreviation of “Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electric equipment.” The RoHS Directive, which has been enforced since July 2006, conforms to Article EC95 and prohibits the use of 6 substances in electric devices: lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB (poly biphenyl bromide), and PBDE (poly bromide diphenyl ether).