DX Antenna

Company Profile, Company History

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name DX Antenna Co., Ltd.
Trading Name DX Antenna Co., Ltd.
Business Address 1-2-2 Murotani, Nishi-ku, Kobe City, 651-2241 JAPAN
Established August 1, 1953
Date of Incorporation September 1, 1956
Capital 363,000,000 JPY

Business Profile

Production and sales of various antenna and television signal receiving related devices, CATV related devices, information transmitting system related devices, security system related devices, as well as relevant research, design and construction administration.

Product Category

Receiving Related Devices
  • Various antenna and television signal receiving related devices
  • In-house private broadcasting devices
  • CATV receiving related devices
  • Milli-wave transmission systems
  • Other receiving related devices
Communication related devices
  • CATV system related devices
  • Optic fiber transmission system related devices
  • Next generation transmission systems
  • Other information transmission system related devices
Security related devices
  • Security Camera
  • Sensor lights
  • Wireless interphones
  • Other security related devices

Corporate Officers

DIRECTOR Yoshinori Matsuoka
DIRECTOR Masakazu Nishimura
DIRECTOR Satoshi Uchimura
DIRECTOR Masaki Tanaka
DIRECTOR Kouhei Katsukawa
AUDITOR Kouichirou Horie

Company History

1953 Established in Kobe City as Kansai Television Laboratory, Ltd.
1956 Incorporated as Kansai TV Industrial Company, and established sales offices in Osaka, etc.
1966 Changed company name to DX Antenna Co., Ltd., and set up a brand with a new design.
1978 Succeeded in receiving a clearer signal with a receiving device for Japan’s first experimental SHF broadcasting satellite.
1984 Indoor antenna “SK-11” received the “Good Design Award of Small and Medium Enterprise Products.”
1989 Completed DX Head Office New Building as extension.
1990 Started operation of a satellite ground station under approval of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.
1993 Achieved accumulative sales of 1 Million BS satellite antennas.
1996 Developed devices compatible to digital broadcasting with the start of CS digital broadcasting (first among other companies.)
2001 Tied up with Funai Electric Co., Ltd. to strengthen business management basis.
2002 Entered into the audio, video, and home electronics market under the new brand name DX BROADTEC in business alliance with Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
2003 Commercialized new UHF all band antennas, “Digi-Hat” and “Digi-Kite” with start of digital terrestrial broadcasting in three major metropolitan areas.
2006 RoHS compliant (approved as environment-friendly manufacturing guideline at European Parliament) model exceeded 200.
2008 Established our own “ECO Mark” to be used on products meeting company standards and to contribute to global environment conservation measures.
2009 Announced milli-wave transmission system that maintains the high picture quality of Hi-Vision broadcasting signals through wireless transmission.
2009 Sold flat-type antenna for digital terrestrial broadcasting, putting together streamlined design and high performance.
2011 Gap filler system with power failure back-up function received the second prize in “Safe and Secure Network Category” at CEATEC AWARD 2011.
2012 Sold “Hi-Vision digital monitoring system” as the first product line under “DX DELCATEC”, a new brand for the fields of communication and security.
2012 Opened “Seishin Technology Center” as development, production, and quality assurance base.
2013 Established radio anechoic chamber in Seishin Technology Center, one of the largest in Japan.
2017 As a result of the share transfer, the parent company has been changed from Funai Electric Co., Ltd. to Elecom Co., Ltd.
2019 Relocated the headquarter to the location of Seishin Technology Center.
2021 Entered the camera business by selling network camera systems, coaxial cameras, wireless cameras, etc.
2023 Collaboration with ELECOM Co., Ltd. and Sakura Internet Co., Ltd. to launch cloud recording service “Antenna-eye”